Provide personalized services and technical support for cross-border e-commerce companies

Gantenpay focuses on providing professional, flexible, efficient and convenient cross-border comprehensive services for global enterprises.
Provide tailor-made payment solutions and technical support for the specific business needs of enterprises

Air ticket

Provide operation promotion plan for LAZADA sellers

Provide LAZADA sellers with a 360-degree comprehensive operation promotion plan, allowing cross-border sellers to easily realize cross-border easy and global trade

  • Registration application, open multiple sites at one time, realize that one account can publish multiple sites at the same time, and multiple sites operate at the same time
  • Product information release optimization, price optimization, main image processing, detail page optimization, title optimization, sub-site optimization, etc.
  • Store activity management, platform activities, CHAT, FEED management, staged store analysis, targeted product selection recommendations, off-site promotion assistance
  • Guide LGS to ship and return goods, help understand Lazada official logistics, and help understand the embargoed content

To provide the marketing service of the combination of quality and effect for the cross-border E-commerce

TikTok is the world's most influential KOL precision marketing platform. Gantenpay deeply excavates internet celebrities and fan data, content and marketing data for cross-border e-commerce, and matches highly-fit internet celebrities according to the product attributes of customers to easily reach the target audience of the products and improve the effect of marketing promotion.

  • 100000+ Cooperative influencer
  • 2 billion+ fan audience
  • 100+countries
  • 20+ key industries

Provide full-chain marketing promotion solutions for cross-border sellers

Provide cross-border sellers with a full set of marketing and promotion full-chain service solutions, including product analysis, marketing strategy, creative design, KOL marketing, data tracking and other one-stop comprehensive marketing services to meet the diversified needs of cross-border marketing and promotion.

Provide cross-border financial value-added services
for enterprises

Cooperate with overseas banks and third-party financial institutions to provide customers with currency, foreign exchange, fixed income, equity, public/private equity, etc., product and management integrated value-added service solutions

Credit and loan

Gantenpay joins hands with global partners to provide customers with quality services

Work with global partners to provide you with better services

Create a cross-border e-commerce industry chain ecosystem

       Gantenpay is committed to building a cross-border industrial ecosystem and fostering industry cluster effects. Focusing on cross-border e-commerce payment, supporting international logistics, training, warehousing, promotion, business travel, cross-border financial services, etc., to provide cross-border e-commerce enterprises with one-stop solution services of program customization, technical support, and service integration.