We have a senior technical service team

Gantenpay has a senior technical service development team, and we have mature project management capabilities, technology implementation capabilities and supply chain integration capabilities.

Provide operational value-added technical services for cross-border platform sellers

Provide product, marketing, big data and other technical support and operation value-added service solutions for global Amazon, eBay and other platform sellers to help companies operate more efficiently and conveniently

FBA smart replenishment
Smart CPC Marketing
Follow-up price adjustment tools
Super CRM system
Management analysis guidance

Cross border E-commerce are escorted and convoyed by top risk control technology

Intimate customer service for you 24 hours quick response

Screen risk orders for merchants
  For orders with abnormal transactions and risks, the customer service will make intelligent screening after the transaction is completed, contact the cardholder in time to confirm the authenticity of the order, and give feedback to the merchant as soon as possible, thereby reducing the risk of Chargeback.

Appeal for Merchant
  For the merchant to appeal the chargeback order, we will contact both parties to verify the reason. If it is determined to be a fraudulent order, it will actively ask for appeal information from the merchant to obtain payment for the merchant and avoid capital loss.

24-hour bilingual customer service
  7×24 hours uninterrupted service, professional bilingual customer service team, enthusiastic and meticulous service attitude.

Big data analysis to tap the value of cross-border e-commerce data

  • Regularly provide data analysis for merchants, and provide detailed guidance reports for merchants based on big data statistics such as payment country distribution, payment time, and payment failure reasons to help merchants operate better.

  • Relying on big data analysis technology and professional teams, we can provide cross-border e-commerce companies with accurate advertising and regional market analysis, effectively reducing corporate operating costs and increasing operating income.